Welcome to fasting on the beautiful island of Crete where the sun (almost) always shines!
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What is hiking?

the activity of going for long walks in the countryside

(Cambridge Dictionary)

Regenerate with the Alkaline Diet

You would like to do a fasting diet to free your body from toxins and to feel fitter again, but you don’t want to starve yourself in the process? We have good news for you! Fasting does not always have to mean complete abstinence from food; there are a few fasting methods with which you won’t go hungry, one of them being the alkaline diet, also known by some as alkaline fasting. Another plus point: this alkaline diet plan is, in general, suitable for everyone.

Forbidden Foods – The Alkaline Diet Meal Plan

When you are planning your alkaline diet menu, you will have avoid many ingredients found in typical meals and recipes. All foods that create an acidity in the body are strictly prohibited. Misleadingly, it is not sour tasting foods that are excluded from the alkaline diet, such as lemons that produce acid, but rather refined sugar or dairy products. You will not find any of these foods during your acid-alkaline therapy at one of our alkaline fasting hotels:

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Milk products

  • Grain products (white flour products)

  • Legumes

  • Sugar

  • Coffee

  • Alcohol


How does alkaline fasting work?

Alkaline fasting is actually more of a reduction diet or alkaline reset cleanse than fasting, since the body doesn’t go into a fasting metabolism. Therefore, alkaline fasting is ideal for all people, especially those who want to start fasting, but are reluctant to only consume liquids, as well as for people who take controlled medications or the elderly or very slim people. 

The food during the fasting days consists mainly of ripe vegetables and fruits, herbs and sprouts as well as lots of water and herbal teas.

What is Yoga:

Yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5,000-year history in ancient Indian philosophy. Various styles of yoga combine physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.


Fasting without Feeling Hungry

During the alkaline fast in our hotel you will eat plenty of food! This type of detox or cleansing treatment is not about eating as little as possible or only drinking liquids, but about eating the right things. A diet plan typically includes several meals a day, mainly consisting of fresh vegetables, healthy herbs, vitamin-rich fruit, seeds or nuts. Almost everything that is natural, vegetable and unprocessed, i.e. without additives, is allowed on the plate. To eat alkaline food for a while is therefore by no means one-sided - but rather varied and colourful!


 Stay in the comfort of our luxurious 4 star hotel in Almyrida, 40 minutes from Chania. 




​                                       What`s included:

  1. 7 nights in the 4+ star Blue Elephant hotel with en-suite rooms all with sea views;

  1. All meals by our Michelin acclaimed chef consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, all beverages;

  1. Professional support from our  fasting course leader for the entire week;

  1. 5 guided walks in the mornings; 

  2. morning exercises;

  3. relaxation and yoga classes

  1. Expert nutritional talks to make a healthy lifestyle a habit and not just a holiday;

  1. Use of spa and hammam; 

  2. use of outdoor pool (not heated); 

  3. use of gym; 

  4. time for body – mind - soul;

  1. Group transfer from and to Chania airport;

  2. packing list as well as suggestions for preparing for the alkaline fasting week before arrival + 1 excursion

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